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My mum raised me by herself growing up, so I considered her not only the person I look up to but also my best friend for many years as a child and we are equally close now.
As close as we are, right now physically we aren’t, and that kills me as Mother’s Day approaches. I’m sure there are many other people my age who are feeling that emptiness.
A lot of my friends who were in college or university or weren’t considered essential workers ended up heading back home to spend quarantine with their family. I wish I could do the same, however my mum lives two hours away from the news I report on.
We’ve stayed in touch by calling almost every day, even just for a minute, and a few weeks ago we met halfway in Bayfield to chat from our respective vehicles over a Tim Horton’s lunch.
Quarantine has made me appreciate the time I have spent with my mum so much more. I very often take her for granted and all that she does for me, especially in my teenage years.
Our mothers shape us into the people we become, and I like to think that my mum did a pretty awesome job of that. My mum taught me to be hardworking – but not so hardworking that I forget to appreciate the people, places and things around me. She taught me to see the beauty in nature and to respect not only family or those serving us, but complete strangers. She taught me that it’s important not to turn a blind eye on the sorrows of the world, but instead to try and change things for the better. My mum taught me the importance of money while also showing me that it is not the be-all and end-all of our existence.


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She shaped me so much so, that I am working out of the same office for the same newspaper that she once worked for. Now that I am doing her job I respect her so much more for doing what I do, all the while having a toddler running around at her feet.
My mum raised me in a way that I hope I can raise my future children. She has been and always will be the most important role model in my life, and I am planning on doing whatever I can this Mother’s Day to show her how important she is to me.
If you’re quarantining with your mum, show her you care by making her breakfast, baking her cookies or going on a walk with her. If you’re not with your mum during quarantine, show your love by snail-mailing her a card, posting something sweet on social media or giving her a phone call.

Finally, think about doing these things any time of the year. Humans are conditioned to celebrate people or things on a certain day of the year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate mum every day. She deserves to hear from you more often and feel the amount of love we show on Mother’s Day every day. At one point you were her whole world, so take more time to make her feel like your whole world.

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