Ethan Claymore looks for love and meaning starting Feb. 15

From left to right, Jeridan Wright, Barry Neilson, Alanna Boucher, Bruce Fenton, Aaron Urie, Matt Harvey star in “Ethan Claymore,” directed by Shirley Bieman (far right) at the Kincardine Centre for the Arts from Feb. 15 to March 2. Steve Cornwell / Postmedia Network

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Kincardine Theatre Guild stages Norm Foster play at the Kincardine Centre for the Arts

Can Ethan Claymore, a widowed egg farmer played by Bruce Fenton, come out of his shell and find love again?

To find out, you’ll have to head to the Kincardine Centre for the Arts starting Feb. 15 where the Kincardine Theatre Guild is staging its performance of Ethan Claymore, directed by Shirley Bieman.

The play follows a young reclusive widower living in a small Canadian farming community. With the help of Douglas, a meddlesome neighbour, and the ghost of his recently-deceased brother Martin, Ethan searches for meaning to life and love just in time for Christmas.

Along with Fenton, the play stars Jeridan Wright, Alanna Boucher, Aaron Urie, Matt Harvey and Barry Neilson who plays Douglas.

For the jovial and outgoing Neilson, playing a character that meddles in other’s business, was not too much of a stretch.

“Personally, I think that’s just me there,” Neilson said. “That’s what my wife said: ‘Oh good, another part where you don’t have to act, just learn the lines and walk on stage.’”

The play, which first ran in London, Ontario in 1998, is written by Canadian playwright Norm Foster. The Newmarket, Ontario born playwright is a well-known for writing comedic plays about the lives of ordinary people.

To that effect, Neilson said that the play should be familiar to folks living in Kincardine and the surrounding area.

“The play is very small town rural Ontario where everybody knows everybody’s business,” he said. “And they’re all there to help you, but they also know everything that you’re doing.”

Ethan Claymore opens Feb. 15 and will hit the stage eight times until March 2. Tickets are $20 and can be bought online or at JB’s Lingerie in Kincardine.